Downloadable Utilities


This section provides various utilities that may be of value for or may be of interest to SADPA members / Clubs.
To download the minutes of our previous BDPC club meetings, please click here.

  1. Firearm Endorsement Applications.
    Please read the Foolproof guide to filling in endorsement applications before completing the endorsement application forms.

    All firearm applications for Section 16 (Dedicated Sport), needs to be accompanied by an endorsement that proves that firearm is suitable for sport shooting.
    If you would like to apply for an endorsement, please do so by logging into the SADPA website:
    From here, you will be able to complete the endorsement process by filling in an electronic form and submitting it directly to SADPA.

    ENDORSEMENTS CAN TAKE UP TO 10 DAYS if all the information provided is correct and sufficient.

  2. Shooter Checklist
    A quick checklist to help shooters ensure that they have all required equipment to enjoy their shooting. 
    Please review the checklist for items you should have with you.
    Prepare the NIGHT before the shoot. Pack your bags / equipment together so you can grab and run.

  3. Indemnity Form for Shoots
    This form only needs to be completed once and will remain valid provided your membership is paid-up.
    Please note that this form needs to be completed again at any time during your membership that your adress changes.

  4. IDPA Classifier
    Every IDPA member must shoot the Classifier at least once every twelve months, except for those who hold classifications of Master or above.

  5. Applying for Dedicated Sport Status
    Please follow the link above to download the document that outlines the process of applying fror your Dedicated Sport Status from SADPA.
    New DSS applications are only approved once per month at the SADPA exco meeting.
    If you would like to apply for DSS, please do so by logging into the SADPA website:
    From here, you will be able to complete the DSS process by filling in an electronic form and submitting it directly to SADPA.
    ***Please make sure that your required 20 points already show on your profile before applying for DSS!

  6. Brits Defensive Pistol Club Constitution
    This link will take you to our current club constitution.

New Shooters


Below, you will find information directed at the new / novice shooter to make his/her shooting safer and more enjoyable.

  1. SADPA Forms
    The SADPA Application form, Code of Conduct and Indemnity needs to be completed and sent back to us in order to obtain your SADPA number. In order to renew your SADPA membership, you need to complete a code of conduct and indemnity document. (If your address has changed since your last signed Indemnity document)
    - SADPA Application Document
    - BDPC Application Form

  2. SADPA Visitor Policy
    Due to the limitations on the insurance agreement with the insurance company who provide the liability insurance cover for SADPA, no new shooter may participate in any SADPA shoot, they MUST be a paid up member of SADPA and have undergone the NSO.  Non-adherence to this clause in the insurance cover could result in SADPA's insurance cover being withdrawn, or a claim not being paid out due to non compliance. All shooters attending SADPA matches must be registered with SADPA and have received his/her SADPA number.

  3. New Shooter Orientation (NSO)
    All new shooters MUST undergo the NSO before he/she may shoot in any SADPA match.

    This list includes the most common questions that most new shooters have.
    If your question does not appear on this list, please feel free to contact us.

  5. Shooting Gear
    Talk to fellow shooters - see what they use and recommended.
    Do NOT scrimp on the BELT - HOLSTER and MAG POUCHES
    Clean your mags - they get oil and dust in them when they get used and /or fall. 

  6. Weapons
    CLEAN YOUR GUN Shooters and we mean ALL shooters should clean and lube their guns before a match. It prevents jams.

    Should you receive your gun back from a gunshop or buy a new or secondhand gun first do a function check a week or two before you want to shoot a competition. Function check means that you go to the range with your firearm, rounds that you just reloaded and the mags that you will be using and shoot the damn thing to check if it works. If it doesn't you have a couple of days to sort things out.

    This way you will not get a Did Not Finish (DNF) due to a gun that is constantly malfunctioning.It also saves the other shooters time and energy on the range. We have seen it happen so often in the last couple of months and we can really not understand how people can not clean the one thing that their lives depend on in today's day.

  7. Big Brother / Mentor
    Find a experienced shooter who shoots a similar Gun / Division as you do.
    Ask for their assistance. Watch how they prepare plan and execute the match.
    Learn from their experience. 

  8. General Tips
    WATER - dehydration affects performance more than most people realize. Drink enough water!
    FOOD / SWEETS - Keep your blood sugar / energy high and sustained. 

  9. Checking Ammunition
    After reloading/buying your ammo: Final QC
       1. Check for high primers
       2. Lead shears along the case
       3. Excessively long OCL (bullets not seated)
       4. Make sure that No flare remains - crimp your bullets properly.