In order to join the BDPC SADPA club, please download and complete the membership application forms for both our home club, BDPC and SADPA.


Send your signed and completed applications back to us, along with proof of payment of your club membership fees to both BDPC and SADPA as set out below. (To speed up applications, please pay both your SADPA and BDPC fees directly to BDPC and attach the proof of payment to your application. If you prefer to pay each in a separate transaction, please remember to send BOTH proof of payments to us along with your application.)

Completed applications can be emailed to:

Please note that all payments for renewal of SADPA membership have to be accompanied by the following signed document:


BDPC and SADPA Fees:

These fees change every year and the new fees will be announced prior to the re-affiliation date, at the end of February each year.


BDPC Banking Details:

Brits Defensive Pistol Club
First National Bank
Branch Code: 252545
Account Number: 62563708167

SADPA Banking Details:

South African Defensive Pistol Association
Standard Bank
Branch Code: 006305
Account Number: 200 527 231


Any completed documentation and proof of payments can be emailed to:

Please feel free to contact us on 082 784 7887 if you require any assistance.