This section is intended to provide information about the RULES that govern the sport of IDPA. Furthermore additional information explaining pertinent rules, interpretation and application is also provided.

Please follow follow the links below.

  1. ACTIVE RULES - Effective 1 January 2017
    These are the newest rules of IDPA & it is suggested that each shooter have a copy of this said rule book in their shooting bag. 

  2. New Shooter Orientation (NSO)
    All new shooters must undergo the NSO before he/she may shoot in any SADPA match. 
    The NSO includes both a theory and practical component and will conclude with the participating members shooting the SADPA Classifier.
    To book a spot on our club's next NSO, please send an email to -
    Please note that you need your SADPA number before you can book for a NSO.

  3. SADPA Defensive Multi-Gun (DMG) rules - 1 November 2014
    This is the latest version of the regional SADPA Defensive Multi-Gun Rules. 
    The DMG NSO is available

  4. Applying for Dedicated Sport Status
    Please follow the link above to download the document that outlines the process of applying fror your Dedicated Sport Status from SADPA.
    New DSS applications are only approved once per month at the SADPA exco meeting.

    Members are reminded that a Minimum of 20 Points is required before the application will be considered. 

    EXISTING DSS Certificates 
    Members with existing DSS Status are reminded that an annual reduction of -20 points (1st of January of each year) is in place. A minimum level of 20 Points is required to maintain DSS status.

    SHOOTERS have points allocated on the following basis:

    Club Shoot : 4 points
    SADPA League Shoot : 6 points
    SADPA Nationals : 8 point
    SA Champs : 10 points

    SAFETY OFFICERS are allocated additional points on the following basis:
    Club Shoot : 1 points
    SADPA League Shoot : 2 points
    SADPA Nationals : 4 points
    SA Champs : 4 points

    All members must ensure that they maintain the minimum points level to keep the DSS status.

  5. Classifications
    In order for shooters to be able to compete with their peers, SADPA competitors are divided into classifications within each division based upon their skill level. SADPA has a very quick and easy method of classifying shooters by shooting the Classifier. Only currently affiliated clubs may award classifications and only current SADPA members may shoot the classifier or be awarded a classification by a club.

    Classification Scores by Division

    Times for: CDP ESP SSP CCP REV BUG
    Master (MA) 75.00 or less 72.00 or less 73.00 or less 78.00 or less 83.00 or less 89.00 or less
    Expert (EX) 75.01 thru 100.00 72.01 thru 95.00 73.01 thru 96.00 78.01 thru 103.00 83.01 thru 110.00 89.01 thru 118.00
    Sharpshooter (SS) 100.01 thru 150.00 95.01 thru 140.00 96.01 thru 142.00 103.01 thru 155.00 110.01 thru 165.00 118.01 thru 177.00
    Marksman (MM) 150.01 thru 240.00 140.01 thru 225.00 142.01 thru 232.00 155.01 thru 248.00 165.01 thru 263.00 177.01 thru 283.00
    Novice (NV) 240.01 or greater 225.01 or greater 232.01 or greater 248.01 or greater 263.01 or greater 283.01 or greater
    Effective as of Jan 1, 2017